Access Control Systems

Centralized management of your business’s entry points

Omni Technology’s Access Control Systems restrict physical access to designated facilities, parking lots, and areas, to select individuals. Controlling access to your property — and to specific zones within your property — has never been easier.

With our access control systems, you can save money by not having to change locks after employee turnover, and by protecting staff-only areas, storage facilities, and parking lots from unwanted access. Additionally, our solutions allow you to track who has used their access permissions during a specific day or time period.

From basic keypads to biometric scans, we have access control systems for any-sized business, with single or multiple venues.

Omni Technology’s Access Control Systems

Net2 Entry Monitor

Net2 Entry is a door entry system that works standalone or alongside Net2 access control. Net2 Entry consists of three components that auto-detect on setup: external panel, interior monitor, and door control unit. The Net2 Entry monitor comes in a smart and simple design to suit a range of interiors and can be wall- or desk-mounted.

Net2 Entry Control Unit

The Net2 Entry Control Unit is the central interface between a panel and the door, and it provides data and Power to Ethernet (PoE) to the monitors. The ports can also be used to expand the network of panels and monitors through Net2 Entry extension switches or to connect the control unit to a Net2 system running Net2 v4.25 or later.

The Net2 Entry Panel

The Net2 Entry touch panel comprises a quality 7-inch color touchscreen with personalization options. It has a Line-out for use with a T-Loop antenna for users with hearing aids, and advanced sound processing for high-traffic areas, making it suitable for even more sites than before.

Net2 PaxLock

Net2 PaxLock is a battery-powered Net2 access control unit in a secure door handle, and it comes ready to install with a C Keyway lock, or it can be fitted with an SFIC lock. Communication between Net2 PaxLock and the Net2 server is done wirelessly through Net2Air and the Net2Air Ethernet bridges, providing all the advantages of a wireless access control system.